Salad with Croutons

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Total time: 15 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Herb croutons:





For the salad with croutons, peel the asparagus, cut into pieces and simmer in boiling hot salted water for about 12 minutes.

Cut leaf lettuce into bite-sized pieces.

Cut zucchino into fine strips, carrots into fine slices. Peel avocado, dice flesh and immediately sprinkle with juice of one lemon.

Cut tomatoes into quarters, remove seeds and stalks. Cut cheese into small cubes. Cut ham into small strips. Mix everything together.

Mix the ingredients for the vinaigrette together and fold into the salad ingredients.

To prepare croutons, mix butter with parsley, garlic and salt. Brush slices of toast with it, cut slices into cubes and toast them, turning, in a frying pan until golden brown. Let cool slightly and sprinkle over lettuce.

Halve the eggs and decorate the salad with croutons.

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