Curried Rice Salad with Chicken and Nectarines

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




In a larger frying pan, bring water to a boil. Pour in chicken thighs and make five minutes with the lid closed. Add saffron, long grain rice, curry and a small amount of salt and simmer for eighteen to twenty minutes with the lid closed.

Remove the chicken thighs from the water and drain the long grain rice. Combine the long grain rice and lemon shavings and cool the whole.

Cut the nectarines in half, remove the seeds and cut into fine slices. Immediately sprinkle with a tiny bit of juice from one lemon.

Cut the pepper half into very fine cubes (brunoise). Slice or coarsely chop the walnut kernels. Skin the chicken thighs. Score the meat lengthwise down to the bone and remove from the bone. Cut into strips.

For the sauce, whisk the ingredients in a salad bowl until creamy. Add all prepared ingredients and mix well. Leave to stand for at least ten minutes.

Before serving, mix the leaf salad repeatedly. Pluck the cilantro leaves from the stems and spread evenly on top.

Variations Use only 2/3 of the chicken and add shrimp to the rice salad.

Mix in fish instead of chicken. To do this, hang bite-sized cod in a sieve lined with parchment paper over the long-grain rice and steam until cooked through with the lid closed.

Instead of chicken, add ham cubes to the rice salad.

Vegetarian: finely peel tofu

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