Palatinate Cucumber Feast – Manfred Hook

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Halve the cucumbers lengthwise, remove the seeds and cut them diagonally into slices. Sauté these cucumber slices in a hot oil and butter mixture. Season with salt, sugar and pepper. When the cucumber slices are a little browned, add wine and Noilly Prat and let the cucumber slices soften a little (not too soft, they should still keep their shape). Finally, mix with finely chopped dill and tarragon and spread evenly in buttered portion ring cups (placed on an oiled baking tray). Spread crème fraîche evenly over the top.

Remove the peel from the tomatoes, remove the seeds, cut into strips and spread evenly over the crème fraîche. Finally, spread goat cheese evenly over the top and bake (top heat only, about 220 °C ) until the surface is nicely lightly browned.

Cool briefly, carefully unmold onto plates, bring to the table on the spot.

Serve with poulard breasts and new potatoes.

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