Hacktätschli Sweet and Sour

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)


Fried Rice - Fried Rice:


Mix minced meat with onion, sausage meat, salt and pepper in a baking bowl, knead briefly by hand. Divide the mixture into portions – 2 per person – and form into balls, flattening them a little.

Heat oil in a frying pan, reduce temperature, fry meatballs in portions on both sides for about four minutes each, keep warm with lid closed. Dab up remaining frying fat with kitchen roll, perhaps add a little oil.

Sauté ginger and apple briefly. Add water, sugar, vinegar, tomato ketchup and soy sauce, mix, bring to boil, reduce temperature, simmer for about three minutes.

Stir in cornstarch, add while stirring, bring to a boil, reduce heat, continue to simmer briefly. Add mince again, just until hot.

Serve the meatballs with fried rice on plates.

Fried rice (long grain fried rice):

Boil water, season with salt, add long grain rice, make with lid closed at low temperature for about Twenty minutes until all together water is absorbed. Loosen long grain rice with a fork.

Heat oil in a large skillet until hot, stir-fry garlic and ginger briefly, reduce temperature.

Add eggs, stirring until firm.

Add bunch onions, chili and long grain rice, continue stir-frying for three minutes.

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