Salad of Four Kinds of Beans

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)





A bean recipe for every taste:

It is substantial and strong because bean seeds provide consistency. They are cooked separately until soft, and the beans are also blanched separately after their cooking time. Next, everything is dressed together with a nicely “popped” mustard vinaigrette, arranged on lettuce leaves and decorated with roast beef. You can buy this ready-made or possibly roast it yourself just as quickly. Whether one rather takes the filet or possibly a piece from the loin (rump steak) for this leaf salad, is a matter of opinion. The tenderloin is more tender, the sirloin generally more flavorful. In any case, don’t cook the meat all the way through – it would be a shame for the good stuff.

Soften the fresh bean seeds with sage leaves and peeled garlic cloves covered by enough salted water at low temperature. This takes about 15 minutes, but can take up to three quarters of an hour, depending on the size and freshness.

Also clean the bean pods, thread them if necessary, remove the tops.

Thin beans should be cut whole, while broad beans or sword beans should be cut diagonally into small pieces. Cook al dente in well salted water – separately, because of the different cooking times. Rinse thoroughly to preserve the beautiful color.

Sear the meat in a frying pan in just smoking hot oil on all sides for a total of one to two minutes at the most, turning again and again to the other side. Finally season the steak with

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