Rustic Fried Potato Bread

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Total time: 45 min


Bread dough:


Dice one kilogram of raw potatoes and fry in a frying pan. Add clarified butter, coarse pepper, sea salt and kitchen herbs (to taste) and fry together until golden brown. The nicer the crust, the more intense the bread will later taste of the roasted substances from the fried potatoes. If you like, you can also add smoked ham or bacon during frying, it will definitely increase the aroma. Put the fried potatoes aside and let them cool down.

Preparation Water, sour and yeast in the kneading bowl form and stir a little bit, over it wheat and rye flour form and finally the salt. Knead the dough for eight minutes, three to four minutes in slow speed and four to five minutes in fast speed.

Place the finished dough on a previously floured tabletop and divide it into four pieces that are large on the spot. Now let the dough mature for about 15 to 20 min. Divide the kilo of roasted potatoes into five portions of 200 grams each. For each piece of dough, knead in 200 grams of fried potatoes by hand. The dough machine would crush the soft potato cubes. Work the four pieces of dough in order, not the whole dough with all the potato pieces at once, then evenly the potatoes do not spread so nicely in the bread. Spread the last 200 grams of potatoes evenly on the tabletop and roll the finished loaves in them.

When the bread loaf is finished kneading, i.e. the er

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