Strong Wheat Bread

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



Sift both types of flour with the salt into a large enough bowl, mix and make a well in the center. Stir the yeast with the water and sugar, pour into the well and mix with a little flour from the edge. Cover the dampfl with a wet dish and let it rise for 15 minutes.

When the yeast has risen, stir in the remaining flour and knead the whole thing into a smooth dough. Shape the dough into a ball. Cover and let rise for 1 hour until doubled in volume. Knead the dough on a floured board, shape into a loaf, and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper with the lid closed to rise for another 30 min. You can also use a loaf pan lined with parchment paper.

Preheat the oven to 220 °C (gas mark 4-5 , convection oven 200 °C ) and put a fireproof cup with hot water in it. Be careful, danger of burning! Put the baking tray on the middle rack in the oven and bake the bread for 15 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 200 °C (gas mark 3-4 , convection oven 180 °C ) and bake the bread for another 25 min. Tap the underside of the bread with your knuckle. If the bread sounds hollow, it is ready. Cool on the broiler. Baking time :about 40 min, rather a little longer.

Our tip: It is best to use fresh herbs for a particularly good aroma!

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