Oatmeal Cake with Pears

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



Beat the fat until creamy. Add sugar, and fold in eggs one at a time. Continue beating until the sugar is dissolved. Mix flour and baking powder and add together with the oat flakes. Now add milk, crumbled cocoa, rum, chocolate and spices. Remove the skin from the pears, cut them in half, remove the core.

Grease the bottom of a cake springform pan (26 cm) and pour in 2 thirds of the batter. Later, press the pear halves into the batter in the shape of a wreath and pour the remaining batter on top. Spread everything evenly. Bake the cake in the heated oven on the second rack from the bottom. Later remove from the pan and cool. Mix the powdered sugar with rum or water and brush the surface of the cake with it.


E oven: 200 °C .

G-kitchen oven: level 3.

Fan oven: see manufacturer.

approx. 60 min.

Tip: Stock up on high-quality spices – it pays off!

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