From Porridge to Mousse

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



continue to delicious desserts. What do you think of the “red fruit jelly”, which can be enjoyed without remorse. Because it is prepared with konjac flour as an additional fiber Red porridge with konjac flour – 150 gm red wine or water – 1 hect. Tl konjac flour – 250 gm fresh or frozen berry mix – 50 gm raisins – 1 pinch of cinnamon – 1 tbs.

Light fruit mousse – 5 tbsp water – 2 hect. Tl. gelatin (12 gm) – 400 ml milk – 1 tbsp. inulin 90 Ht – 2 tbsp. Frusip’s lemon/lime or possibly other varieties – 4 to 5 tablets of Lightsüss or possibly – 2 tbsp. fruit sweetener Ht – * meas. Konjac concentrate Ht The preparation is again quite simple. Put the water as well as the gelatine in a saucepan and let it swell for 5 min. Then heat it leisurely, stirring gently, until the gelatin is dissolved. This will be the case at about 40 to 50 °C. Then remove the saucepan from the heat and, while stirring, add the milk, then the inulin, the Frusip’s, Lightsüss or fruit sweetener and finally the Konjac concentrate. This goes exceptionally well with the mix – or mixing rod or possibly – if you want to stir it by hand – with the whisk. Beat it for a longer time, put it cooled down for about 15 minutes, then beat it again. After some time in the refrigerator, the very loose, airy dessert becomes firm and is ready to eat.

If you pour these two desserts – the red fruit jelly and the fruit puree – in layers, store

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