Bean Salads with Meat Loaf – Jacqueline Amirfallah

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)


Bean Salads:

Marinade wax beans:

Marinade green beans:


Perhaps your new favorite bean dish:

Clean the beans, cook in boiling hot salted water [1] with savory until al dente. Quench in iced water to keep the color.

Pour a little hot water over the bread cubes and soak.

Preheat the oven to 180 °C (convection oven: 160 °C /gas oven: level 2).

Mix the ingredients of the two marinades, season with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste, stir in the yellow bean pods or the bean pods – cut into bite-sized pieces as needed – and let sit for a little while.

Mix minced meat with the soaked bun cubes, onion (mass to taste…) and mustard and season vigorously with salt and freshly ground pepper. Knead properly.

Cover the cheese cubes with the minced meat mixture [2] and form meat loaves. Fry them gently on all sides in not too hot clarified butter. Cook in the heated oven for five minutes until done.

Arrange the bean salad on plates, sprinkle with the freshly finely chopped chives and bring to the table with the meat loaves.

[1] Do not cover the cooking pot: the color of the beans is better preserved this way.

[2] It is easier with wet hands: have a large bowl of cold water ready.

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