Stuffed Vine Leaves with Lamb

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Total time: 1 hour



For the stuffed vine leaves, mix lamb and pork mince in a bowl. Fry diced onion and chopped garlic cloves in a frying pan.

Add finely chopped mint and chopped parsley. Roast and add to the mince. Add red and green bell pepper cubes, cooked long grain rice, pepper, salt and olive oil. Stir everything well.

Briefly rinse the pickled vine leaves and spread them out on a tea towel. Place one to two tablespoons of the minced meat on the vine leaves, fold in left and right and roll up.

Spread out a shallow cooking pot with vine leaves as much as possible, place the stuffed vine leaves on top. Pour olive oil, juice of one lemon and clear soup.

Cover with unfilled vine leaves and place a plate to weigh them down. Cover saucepan with lid and simmer at low temperature for 15 minutes.

For lemon sauce, melt butter in a saucepan, add flour and brown. Pour in beef broth. Add lemon juice and liquid whipped cream and boil well.

Season strongly with salt and freshly ground pepper. Before serving, add lemon fillets, whipped cream and chopped parsley to the sauce.

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