Marinated Char and Pike Perch with Sour Cream Mousse And*

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Char And Pickle:

Pikeperch Tartare And Marinade:

Sour cream mousse:

Fresh herbs E.g.:

Pancake batter:

Found And Spread By:


Cut the lemons and oranges, the lemongrass and the star anise. Mix all ingredients, spread the marinade evenly on the char and let it marinate for 24 hours.

Pike perch tartare and marinade Mix finely chopped ingredients with juice and oil. Just before serving, cut the pike perch into very fine cubes and mix with the marinade.

Sour cream mousse Melt gelatin and add to the seasoned sour cream form. When the mixture is a little firm, fold in the whipped cream.

Pancake dough Cut out the ready-baked pancakes with a cookie cutter (diameter 2 cm). Per unit 3 pieces.

1 celery, finely chopped Arrange the pickled char thinly and spread a plate with it. Marinate the celery with a little bit of vinegar and oil.

Then spread evenly on the char.

Spread one spinach pancake with sour cream mousse, place another pancake on top, spread again with mousse and place the last pancake on top.

Finally, evenly spread the dressed pike-perch tartare on top and add a small blob of caviar to top it off. Now place the pancake lasagna in the middle of the plate.

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Tip: As an alternative to fresh chives, you can also use the freeze-dried

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