Tempura I

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Total time: 45 min




Pasta dishes are just always delicious!

Quickly mix the ingredients for the dough and put it to cool. It should be ice cold when you process it, then the crust will be crispier afterwards.

In the meantime, do the other preparations: Blanch (scald) tongu mushrooms hot, soak for half an hour. Cut the fish fillets diagonally into portion-sized pieces.

Skin the squid. Pull the innards out of the bag, turn the squid upside down, also peel off the inner narrow skin. Make crosswise incisions in the work surface with a kitchen knife – similar to the rind of a pork roast, only make the cuts much tighter. Cut the head into small pieces, clean the tentacles.

Take the Tongu mushrooms out of the water and remove the stalks. Cut the vegetables as follows: Remove four slices diagonally from the carrot, and four pieces about 3×5 cm from the bell bell pepper. Cut the melanzani into quarters lengthwise, notching each quarter like a fan (as you know it from the cucumber fan). Cut the zucchino diagonally into slices of about 5 mm.

Turn everything in order in flour to the other side, shaking off excess flour well. Pull each through the dough, drain and bake in the fat until crispy. Do not allow the pieces to brown – they must be a light yellow color.

Cut the pasta in half diagonally. Dip one side of each bundle into the dough and cook until evenly coated.

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