New Year Cake

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Total time: 5 min



A simple but delicious cake recipe:

About 120 minutes before the dough is to be prepared, bring the water to a boil, let the rock candy melt in it (stirring occasionally) and let the mixture cool.

Beat the eggs with the light butter and the vanilla sugar until creamy. Fold in the flour and sugar water alternately. Finally, add the anise oil.

Heat the waffle iron for ice cream cakes (see instructions). When it is hot, pour in a large spoonful of batter, folding it closed while gently flattening it. When it is done baking, remove the cake and while still hot, roll it up into a roll or possibly a small baggie and cool.

If not all are eaten on the spot, the Küchlein can be stored well in an airtight container (cookie tin, sealable milk jug).

Tip: Stiffly whipped and lightly sweetened whipped cream tastes especially good with this.

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