Meatball Skewers and Herb Dip

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Total time: 45 min



For the meatball skewers and herb dip, first mix minced meat, toast, egg, salt, chili seasoning, rosemary and pepper and form into balls. Alternate the meatballs with garlic cloves, diced peppers and folded vine leaves on a wooden skewer, season and grill in olive oil.

Slice the peeled sweet potatoes, blanch in salted water, drain, roast in a grill pan with olive oil until crispy and season with salt.

For the dip, stir through the goat cheese with chopped herbs, a dash of Tabasco, salt and pepper and bring to the table separately in a small bowl. Arrange meatball skewers and herb dip on a flat plate and garnish with remaining rosemary.

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