Hot Love – Vanilla Parfait with Hip and Raspberry Pulp

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Total time: 45 min


Butter fritters:

Raspberry pulp:

Chocolate sauce:


Butter hippen preparation in about 40 min (dough rest for one night) Sift flour and sugar, mix in hot butter, stir in unbeaten egg whites. Cool the mixture for one night. Stencil: cut any ornaments in foil or cardboard. Preheat oven to 180 °C. Grease a baking tray and sprinkle with flour. Place stencil on top, spread hips mixture into the empty spaces, lift off stencil. Repeat until the amount is used up. Bake hippen 4-6 min until golden brown.

Raspberry pulp preparation 5 min heat raspberries with sugar.

Chocolate Sauce Preparation about 15 min Bring rum and amaretto to boil with water, melt cooking chocolate in it, add rum and amaretto to taste.

Vanilla Parfait 4 servings, preparation about 1 hour (about 12 hours to freeze) Beat cream until semi-stiff and refrigerate with lid closed. Stir yolks, eggs, sugar and honey, beat over steam and “pull off to rose” (see tip). Remove quantity from steam and continue beating until cooled. Slit vanilla beans lengthwise, scrape out pith and stir into mixture. Gently stir in the cream.

Fill quantity into coffee cups or ramekins and freeze for one night.

Tip: Rose tasting

“Pulled off to the rose” is an expression from the world of patissiers and confectioners, it describes the perfect state of an egg quantity.

Test: Dip the underside of a soup spoon into the whipped egg mixture, place on di

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