Beuscherl of Milk-Fed Calf with Spicy Pumpkin

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 6.0 (servings)


For the sauce:


For the Beuscherl of milk-fed calf with spicy pumpkin Beuschel (without air and esophagus) soak well in cold water. Pierce the lungs several times with the tip of a knife so that the broth can penetrate.lungs and heart with water, roots, half onion and spices add. Cover and cook slowly, preferably weighted with a sieve.

After half the cooking time, turn the lungs. Remove the lungs from the broth and cool in cold water. The heart requires a longer cooking time, then also cool in water. Strain the broth and boil until reduced.

Well cooled lungs and heart first cut into thin sheets (best with a slicer) then into fine strips.Onions, capers and cucumbers very finely chop.Heat oil,roast flour in it dark brown, add the finely chopped, roast a little and pour in the broth. Whisk until smooth, boil for about 1/2 hour to a creamy sauce and emulsify well in a tower blender.

Add Beuschel strips, vinegar, cream, and remaining spices. Add the overcooked pumpkin cubes and leave to stand for about 20 minutes while hot. Serve with bread rolls or cottage cheese napkin dumplings and sour cream stirred until smooth.

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