Sloe Liqueur Witchcraft Fright

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Total time: 45 min



Rinse the sloes, dry them and crush a small part of the fruit in a stone mortar with the seeds, because the seeds form the bitter aroma. Press the other fruits only so far that the seeds remain whole. The easiest way is to coarsely crush the fruit with a whisk. Boil the quantity just covered with water and let it cool. Later add the red wine and infuse for a week in a cool and dark room. Strain the mixture and then let it bubble repeatedly with the spices. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar and continue cooking for five minutes. Cool again. At the end, mix the liquid with the alcohol. Fill the liqueur into bottles and store cooled down.

Sloe liqueur was already appreciated by our ancestors to warm up on cold winter days.

Tip: Stock up on high-quality spices – it pays off!

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