Commodity Selling Lore – Fruit – Exotics Part 2 – Granadilla

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The granadilla, also called passion fruit, is the fruit of a genus of passion flower plants. Because it resembles the pomegranate, the Spanish conquerors called this fruit granadilla, which means “small pomegranate” in Spanish. Passion fruit is a year-round crop. Their cultivation is widespread in the tropics and subtropics. Supplies for the German market come mainly from Africa and South America, especially Brazil and Colombia.

The yellow granadilla (there are numerous varieties, of which the yellow and the purple granadilla are most commonly traded) grows on vines like wine and is now grown in plantations. The fruits have a yellow to orange, smooth (or purple-brown, hard and leathery) skin. Inside are many small seeds surrounded by jelly-like pulp. Flesh and seeds taste aromatic, refreshingly sour.

The passion fruit does not require special care. If the skin is smooth, it is fresh. In the first week after harvesting, the skin shrinks, but this is not a sign of spoilage, but of post-ripening. In stores, they can be kept for up to five days, if stored in a cool and not too dry place. It is sold by the piece. In the home, it should then be consumed quickly, within a week at most.

Cut the turkey meat into strips. Now first in flour, then in beaten egg.

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