Lemon Tart with Meringue

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)





A simple but delicious cake recipe:

Prepare a shortcrust pastry from the first ingredients. Rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough between sheets of plastic wrap, place in a pie dish (0 23 cm) or gratin dish and bake. Cool in the pan. For the cream, bring water, lemon zest, juice, sugar and butter to a boil. Mix cornstarch and egg yolk with a little water and thicken the boiling liquid.

Spread the cooled cream evenly on the pastry base. Whip the egg whites until very stiff. Stir in sugar, add juice of one lemon briefly. Spread meringue mixture on top of lemon cream and make dents with a tablespoon. Cook immediately in the heated oven until brown.

Preparation time: about 30 min.

Baking: level 4 (220 °C )

Baking time: 15 min.

Browning: 8 to 10 min.

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