English Creme – Creme Anglaise or Real Vanilla Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



English creme or creme anglaise – this is the name of the pleasantly thick basic cream for countless desserts, more commonly known as “custard”. It simply consists of egg yolks, sugar and milk. Through various ingredients and preparation methods, it becomes such delicious dishes as Bavarian cream, topped caramel cream, cream pots, cream, flammeris and cream ice cream. Many of these creams are also suitable for filling pastries and cakes.

As is often the case with desserts, the vanilla-only flavored version is the basic recipe.

Separate the eggs exactly. There should be no egg white residues on the yolks, they would curdle when the cream is heated.

Stir the sugar and egg yolks gently so that the sugar can dissolve and form a creamy but not foamy mixture with the egg yolks. Slit the vanilla bean and scrape it out. Bring both to a boil with the milk and add to the egg mixture form while stirring. Pour the cream back into the milk pot. You may want to wash out the saucepan beforehand, assuming that the milk has set up. Heat the cream, stirring continuously, so that the egg yolks bind. But be careful not to let it boil! While stirring, you will notice that the cream thickens.

Now do the cooking test: the cream is ready when it clearly coats a cooking spoon and when, when you blow on it, curls form that resemble a rose. This flower shape is also the origin of the technical term “rose”.

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