Bohemian Plum Dumplings

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Total time: 45 min


For sprinkling To taste:


For the Bohemian plum dumplings, peel a kilo of potatoes, boil them until floury, mash them and leave them to cool.

Then mix 120 g of flour with 30 g of semolina, a pinch of salt and an egg.

Form the dough into a roll and cut 24 equal slices into small pieces. They should be about 4 cm thick and 10 cm in diameter. In the middle of each dough slice place a washed pitted plum, fill it with a piece of sugar cube and fold everything together. The dough should cover the plum without folds. In boiling salted water let the plum dumplings steep for about 5 minutes until they float to the top.

Now heat the butter, brown it with breadcrumbs and roll the dumplings in it.

Then sprinkle the plum dumplings either with cinnamon and sugar or possibly with poppy seeds and serve hot.

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