Minced Steaks with Carrot Puree

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Crumble the crispbread slices. Add ground beef, diced capers, mustard, onion, ketchup and a little salt and knead everything together. Form 8 small minced steaks and fry them in 4 tsp of oil. Put a lid on the frying pan and cook on a low flame, carefully turning a few times to the other side. It does better if the minced steaks have a small round shape.

Remove the peel from the carrots and apples, core them and cut them into pieces. Make in the vegetable soup 15 min and then on the spot add the two bags of Ebly and make another 10 min. Now remove Ebly and mash carrots with apples. Season with juice of one lemon and paradeis pulp.

Spread Ebly evenly on the plates, then add carrot puree and minced steaks. You can also garnish with parsley.

Instead of carrot puree, you can also cut carrots and apples into pieces of the same size and serve them as vegetables.

Fat calories: 16, 52

Fat: 37, 80 g

Fat: 9, 45 g

Crispbread and capers in mince, unusual combination, but tasted good.

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