Raw Vegetable Platter with Dipping Sauces

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)

Cocktail sauce:


Herb curd:



For the cocktail sauce, stir the vinegar with salt and sugar. While beating vigorously, add the egg yolks, then the oil until the sauce is smooth and creamy. Mix in the crème fraîche and paradeis pulp. Season the finished sauce with pepper and cognac.

For the salad dressing, peel the shallot and the clove of garlic and press both through the garlic press. Mix the puree with pepper, mustard, salt, balsamic vinegar and water until smooth. Then, using a whisk, add the olive oil. Stir the sauce before serving.

Stir the curd with crème fraîche and enough milk to make a smooth, but not too runny cream. Season strongly with mustard, salt and freshly ground pepper. Rinse parsley and chives, shake dry and chop finely. Stir these kitchen herbs and the cut cress with the curd.

In a large baking bowl, prepare water with ice cubes to put the cleaned vegetables.

Clean the carrots, remove the peel, cut them into quarters lengthwise and place them in the water on the spot. Clean the celery, pull off coarse stalks and perhaps cut in half lengthwise. Leave the leaves on the tender inner stalks.

Rinse the peppers, cut them in half, remove the seeds and cut them lengthwise into strips. Remove the outer leaves from the chicory, cut out the bitter stem and peel off the leaves one by one.

Put all the vegetables in the g

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