Green Spaghetti with Salmon

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Total time: 45 min

For 4 people:


Cook spaghetti in enough boiling tap water 12 to 1500 cmin on the stove (add a dash of oil to the tap water), cool immediately with tap water. Add olive oil to prevent spaghetti from sticking.

Cut salmon fillet into small strips, brown in butter, extinguish with 1 cup of white wine (dry) and 250 g of liquid whipped cream and let it boil.

Add some salt, pepper, the finely chopped garlic clove and the finely chopped parsley. Mix with the spaghetti.

by Chef Thomas Unger, Restaurant Summa cum Laude, : : Querenburger Höhe, Bochum :Addition :

Tip: Feel free to use better olives – it pays off!

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