Eggnog Cake

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 12.0 (servings)


For the sponge cake:

For the cream:

For the trough:

For the decoration:


For the egg liqueur tart, first prepare the sponge mixture. For this, beat 3 egg yolks with half of the powdered sugar until foamy. Add the oil and rum flavoring and finally add the lukewarm water in batches and continue to beat until fluffy.

Mix the flour with nuts, Nesquick and baking powder. Whip the 3 egg whites with a pinch of salt, slowly add the remaining powdered sugar and whip until stiff.

Stir the flour mixture into the egg yolk mixture and then gently fold in the beaten egg whites. Then pour the sponge mixture into a cake pan (24 cm) lined with baking paper and smooth it out.

Bake at 170 degrees for about 40-45 minutes.

For the cream, whip the whipped cream with vanilla sugar and powdered sugar. Whisk the Qimiq in another bowl until smooth and then mix with the whipped cream.

For the drizzle, mix the cold coffee, eggnog and rum.

To finish the cake, cut the sponge cake in half. Drizzle the bottom cake layer a little with the drink. Spread about 1/4 of the cream on the sponge cake base.

Dip the biscuits briefly in the mixture and spread them on the cream. Some of the biscuits have to be cut to size.

Then spread again 1/4 of the cream on the soaked cookies and place the second cookie on top. Spread some cream on top again.

Spread the rest of the cream on the outer edge or pipe it on top with a piping bag (so that the eggnog does not drip off the sides).

Soak 2 sheets of gelatine in cold water.

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