Cough Sugar

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Total time: 45 min



It is best to cook our sugars on a greased marble plate. Sage candies are not only tasty, they have a triple effect on the spot: while sucking, the production of saliva and secretions in the mouth, throat and bronchi is stimulated.

The cough mucus becomes more fluid and can drain better. Sage has excellent antiseptic properties and is therefore useful for inflammation of the mouth and throat. Vitamin C increases the immune system and gives the candy a pleasant sour taste.

Isomalt is melted in the frying pan at the beginning. Now remove from the heat and fold in the finely chopped sage leaves and the vitamin C powder. Pour the liquid amount on a greased base and fold it with a scraper from the outside to the inside until it cools down. Cut into mouthfuls ready.

The sugar substitute Isomalt tastes sugary, but is guaranteed not to cause tooth decay. Since it has a slightly flatulent and digestive effect, no more than about five sugars should be consumed daily.

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