Chili Con Carne – Mexico

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Total time: 5 min



Dice the meat, brown in the Reindl in hot fat, then pour clear soup and stew the meat at a moderate temperature with the lid closed. After half of the cooking time add chili spices, caraway seeds, salt and crushed garlic clove.

Roughly chop the onion and tomatoes, remove the seeds and the peel from the peppers and chop them. Fry these ingredients in a little fat, cover with a lid and cook until tender, pass through a sieve and thicken with cooled cornstarch. Add the tomato sauce and beans to the meat, mix well, simmer for a few minutes and season if necessary. Dry beans must be soaked the night before and cooked together with the meat.


Chilies or ghillies are small, very hot bell pepper relatives from which cayenne bell pepper is made. They also form the basis of the chili powder, a hot mixed spice that is widespread in South and North America, and which must not be missing from this “pepper meat”. Only in case of emergency should it be replaced with cayenne bell pepper and rose peppers.

The proposed recipe softens the original Mexican version of chili con carne a little bit, so that the dish is also palatable to European palates. The dish is prepared in a similar way in the southern states of the USA.

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