Asparagus Spears with Chervil-Orange Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




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Can be prepared.

Peel the asparagus spears generously, working away from the head towards the back. Cut a little more towards the end of the spear and shorten the spear asparagus by four inches. Tie the asparagus in bundles and place them in lightly salted boiling water with the heads facing upwards. There are strainer inserts for asparagus spears that prevent them from tipping over and allow you to easily pull the vegetables out of the pot after cooking. Add sugar and butter and make twenty to thirty minutes.

Cover an oval or rectangular plate with a folded napkin and arrange the drained asparagus spears on it.

For the sauce, bring the grated zest to a boil with the orange juice in a small pan until only half of the juice remains. Cool. Mix with the cream or possibly the mascarpone and season with salt, pepper and orange liqueur. Fold in the chervil.

Tips Cooking times depend on the quality of the asparagus. It is best to check after twenty min if the vegetables are soft. With green asparagus, this only takes eight to fifteen minutes.

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