Fried Chili Relish – Took Prik Pat

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Total time: 45 min



I N F O Any dried fish can be used for this relish. However, pia grop, a small dried and smoked fish, is the most popular. It can be found frozen in Asian stores. Hot smoked trout and dried crab tails, respectively, are delicious alternatives to it. When preparing this paste, one must make sure that it is well pureed. The paste must be fried for a long time at a low temperature, so that the pleasant taste of the smoked fish can develop and the raw pungency of the chilies can weaken.

It has a strong flavor from the smoked bacon-like pla grop, rounded by garlic and shrimp paste, sharpened by the chilies and enriched by the lard. No one nuance dominates the other, they all work together. The relish should taste salty, savory from the lard and spicy.

It can be prepared on the day of consumption or, like other relishes of this type, in advance. It will keep for a longer time because the fat acts as a preservative – like the French confit. To freshen it up after storage, you can brown a tiny bit of crushed garlic in a little fat or oil before adding the nahm prik to heat it up, but then you’ll have to season it the same way.

If using lard, rinse the meat and place it in the frying pan, cover with water and add salt.

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