Relish with Fermented Fish – Lon Pla Raa

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Total time: 45 min



A bean recipe for every taste:

I N F O The first lon was probably prepared with fermented fish sauce, nahm pla raa, cooked down with coconut cream and crushed galangal until it was quite viscous. To my taste at least, nahm pla raa is tremendously improved by the addition of coconut cream. The derb becomes savory, velvety and elegant it is an extraordinary transformation. Some cooks advocate a few drops of honey and a little turmeric.

T H E R E I T U N G Bring fermented fish sauce and coconut cream to a boil. Simmer and reduce until mixture is quite thick. Add palm sugar and chopped fish. Stir in lemongrass, galangal, scallions, kaffir lime zest and krachai. Season with lime juice, additional palm sugar to taste, and fish sauce. Top with the additional coconut cream and bring to the table sprinkled with cut lime leaves.

As side dishes:

– raw vegetables such as “betel” rose apple, grapefruit, leaves, cucumber, green or possibly half ripe mango, bean pods, Thai melanzane, young ginger and white turmeric – cooked vegetables, exceptionally bamboo shoots and Thai melanzane.

– stems cha-om and coriander

– grilled fish

– steamed crab tails

– pla grop, crispy fish

– crispy fish fritters

– fried pork with spices

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