Fried Fish with Pickled Garlic – Pla Tort Gratiam Dong

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Total time: 45 min



I N F O King Rama V was known as a gourmet. Nevertheless, he loved the simple – like many people in high positions who constantly attend formal banquets and are constrained by strict etiquette. Relish made from shrimp paste (took prik gapi) was one of his favorite dishes.

A dish like the following also refreshed his palate. Meanwhile, in his diary during a trip to Europe, he wrote longingly about such a simple dish. With different types of oil, the flavor of the finished dish can be varied a little. Regular vegetable oil is obvious and works well, but you can also use the flavored oil in which you deep-fried garlic and shallots instead.

Traditionally, Thai cooks deep-fry in coconut oil or possibly lard both decidedly unhealthy. The former bristles with cholesterol, the latter with saturated fat. However, at the right temperature, the fish is quickly sealed so that it doesn’t soak up the frying fat. Lard gives it a lush, silky texture, coconut oil a nutty flavor. I usually mix a small mass of coconut oil or possibly lard into the vegetable oil to soften it and give it more character without going too much against health! Finally, you can cook the fish for different lengths of time, depending on the desired consistency. Most Thai chefs have no qualms about cooking a

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