Chicken Salad with Celery – Usa

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Total time: 5 min



Dice the chicken, cut the celery into cubes or strips, mix both with the onion, sprinkle with the juice of one lemon, season with salt and leave to cool for 60 min. Add almond kernels, sliced olives, grapes and halved mandarin oranges, carefully stir in the mayo.

Arrange the salad on lettuce leaves.

Variation: add an additional 50 g of finely chopped celery or 1/ 2 green peppers.


Colorful leafy salads, composed of meat, vegetables and appropriate fruits, are an American invention – to the chagrin of many culinary puritans who consider practices of this kind highly reprehensible and distance themselves from them.

Although the chicken salad with celery does not seem to come from the classic cuisine, it has many friends, and not only in the Usa. The Americans, by the way, have many other poultry salads to offer. For example, they combine chicken with boiled chestnuts and peppers, with fresh oysters and celery lettuce, or with walnuts and celery.

Leaf salads of this type have the advantage that they can also be prepared from canned ingredients – and then very quickly.

Toast and butter are served as an accompaniment.

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