Stephanie Cream Pie *

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (Portionen)


Hazelnut cream:

Raspberry cream:

Chocolate cream:


* Stephanie of Belgium, born in 1865, former Crown Princess of Austria.

A mixture of sugar and yolks is stirred until thick and creamy, then mixed with grated hazelnuts, grated chocolate and the stiff whipped egg whites. The mixture is baked on well buttered and floured baking sheet in 4 sheets the size of a cake pan. The sheets must be removed from the baking sheet while still warm and cut evenly round.

Spread the first sheet with hazelnut cream, the second with raspberry cream and the third with chocolate cream. Place the sheets on top of each other, place the fourth, uncoated sheet on top and brush the entire cake with stiff, sweetened whipped cream. Finally, sprinkle shelled, finely chopped pistachios on top and place the cake in ice (meaning the refrigerator) until ready to serve.

Hazelnut cream:

Sugar, cream, yolks and grated hazelnuts are beaten over steam until thick, then after cooling, blended with whipped cream beaten until firm and dissolved gelatin.

Raspberry cream:

Stir raspberry pulp and dissolved gelatin into firmly whipped cream.

Chocolate cream:

Sugar is boiled with water until spinning, blended with softened chocolate until smooth, and mixed with stiffly whipped cream and dissolved gelatin.

The sugar ‘spins’ when a wooden spoon is touched with thumb and forefinger after dipping and the two fingers are removed from each other.

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