Smoked Carp On

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Total time: 45 min



A delicious mushroom dish for any occasion!

– Dice – or Od. Od. chanterelles, chestnuts, – oyster mushrooms) rn mushrooms) – chopped 1 tbsp. tbsp. chives, chopped.

In a wide saucepan, sauté onions and crushed garlic in salad oil, add water and vinegar, bring to a boil. Add the cleaned, washed and sliced mushrooms, boil briefly. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper and transfer to another container to cool. After 1 hour, when the mushroom salad has cooled down, add the kitchen herbs and perhaps season with vinegar. To serve, briefly warm up the carp fillets in the microwave oven or kitchen stove and bring to the table on the drained mushroom salad with plucked dill and lemon. Serve with fresh wood oven bread.

Cooking time 25 min

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