Rhubarb Soufflé Slices

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 14.0 (servings)


For The SoufflÉ Mass:



Spread already pre-baked short pastry base (frame size) with apricot jam. Place a sponge sheet of the same size on top.

Place together in the baking frame. Spread the core of the cooked rhubarb.

Soufflé quantity: whipped cream, milk, sugar, cream powder, egg yolks and salt in a water bath while stirring briefly boil. Cool down a bit.

Whip the egg whites with the sugar and carefully fold into the fresh cream.

Brush the cream onto the slices in the baking frame and cool well.

Briefly burn the surface with a broiler, salamander or gas flame until it is nicely caramelized, apricotize, cool once more, cut into slices and sprinkle with a few raisins if desired.

Bake at 300 °C for 20 min.

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