Okroshka – Cold Vegetable Soup

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Okroshka in Russian:

Okroshka in Ukrainian:


Okroshka is a cold vegetable soup that does not require cooking. Small chopped vegetables are stirred into kefir (Russian style) or beetroot broth (Ukrainian style).

This summer dish is widespread in Russia and Ukraine. The name okroshka is derived from the verb okroshiti, German: “to chop”.

Okroshka the Russian way: make the eggs and potatoes, cool, remove the peel and cut into small cubes with the peeled cucumber and spring onions. Mix into the kefir, let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for an hour. Season with pepper and dill, optionally parsley.

Okroshka Ukrainian style: In this variant, instead of kefir, the beetroot broth is used. To do this, remove the peel from the beet and make it in a l of water for 45 min until it is soft. Cool the broth and cut the beetroot into small pieces. Then, as described above, add the soup garnish in small cubes to the beetroot broth, season with pepper and dill, optionally parsley and serve with sour cream or crème fraiche or sour whipped cream.

The following course is usually “Wareniki – dumplings with sweet fruit filling”, e.g. cherries. See separate recipe.

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