Barbecue American

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Grilled corn on the cob:

Grilled Prawns With Lemon Mayonnaise:

Grilled Bison Rib Eye Steaks:

Romaine lettuce hearts With blue cheese:



Chop the parsley and chili. Put the butter in a suitable bowl, stir with all the ingredients and season to taste. Peel the husk leaves from the corn cobs, remove the strings. Save the leaves. Spread about two tablespoons of chili butter on each corn cob. Pull the bracts over the corn cobs again so that the butter is covered. If you can’t find corn on the cob with leaves, just use aluminum foil. Grill for about 15 to 20 minutes on both sides. Serve hot with the remaining butter, seasoning with salt as needed.

Grilled crayfish tails with lemon mayo

Finely dice garlic cloves, chop basil. For the mayo, beat the eggs with the juice of one lemon, half of the garlic, salt and mustard in a baking bowl and mix in the sunflower oil or other vegetable oil in a fine stream. Season with salt, mixed herbs and basil. Cut the king prawns in half, rinse and rub dry.

Stir through the olive oil with the remaining garlic and basil.

Place crab tails, shell side down, on broiler and brush with garlic oil. Broil for about three to five minutes, season with salt and bring to the table on the spot with the mayo.

You can also make the herb mixture yourself. For this, reduce cumin, black cardamom, coriander seeds, pepper, cayenne, turmeric, lemon zest, chili and a few saffron threads in a mortar.

Grilled rib eye

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