Shrimp Balls

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 26.0 (servings)



Break five to six eighths of the crayfish tails out of the shell, set the rest aside unshelled. Slit the backs of the broken-out crab tails, gut and coarsely dice them. Remove the crust from the toast and crush in a Moulinette or hand mixer. Chop the shrimp meat in the same way. Thinly grate the zest from half of the limes and squeeze out the juice, cut the other half into small corners. Chop one half of the cilantro greens, set the other aside.

Knead lime juice, shrimp meat, bread crumbs and peel, egg yolks, heavy cream and chopped cilantro together until smooth, season with salt and season with pepper. Form balls with wet hands and boil for half an hour until cooled.

Beat the egg in a deep plate with a fork. Pour the breadcrumbs on another plate. At the beginning of the balls, pass them through the egg, then roll them in the breadcrumbs. Fry the balls in batches in oil at 180 degrees for three to four minutes. Remove with a skimmer and drain on kitchen roll. Finally, fry the whole crab tails in oil for three to four minutes.

Arrange the balls with the remaining crab tails, the fresh croquettes (*), the lime wedges and the remaining coriander on a platter. The meatballs and croquettes taste best lukewarm with Creole and Hot Pepper sauce.

(*) See recipe.

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