Saddle of Venison with Raspberry Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



*1. deer back meat, remove the tendons and fat exactly, cut the meat into pieces A 120-150 g, put to cool with the lid closed.

3. in the meantime, dice the onion and sauté in 2 tbsp oil until translucent. Extinguish with port wine and make. Add raspberries, jam and honey and cook open at low temperature for 15 minutes, stirring. Strain raspberry sauce through a fine sieve (yields about 200 ml), add to game sauce, bring to a boil and set aside.

Season the pieces of meat with salt, season with pepper and fry them in the remaining hot oil until they are hot all over. In the heated oven at 170 degrees on the 2.

Rail from below in 10-12 minutes to finish cooking. Take out and rest with closed lid for 5 min.

Allow sauce to bubble up and thicken slightly with cornstarch mixed in a little cold water. Season with salt and pepper if necessary. Cut the meat into slices and bring to the table with the sauce. Patxi Aizpuru serves mushroom ravioli, caramelized chestnuts and a dollop of raspberry jam.

Our tip: Use your favorite red wine for cooking!

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