Risotto with Ham

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Peel and finely dice the onion. Rinse, dry and chop the parsley.

Heat 2/3 of the butter in a saucepan and sauté the onion until soft. Add the ham and sauté briefly.

Add the long grain rice and stir until it is covered all over with butter. After 2 min, pour in the wine and simmer on high heat until the wine has boiled away. Repeatedly pour a little bit of clear soup and evaporate while stirring throughout.

Continue in this manner for about 20 minutes, until the long-grain rice has swelled. Season with salt and pepper, meanwhile until the long grain rice is cooked al dente (with bite). Remove the saucepan from the stove and stir in the remaining butter and cheese.

Season again and bring to the table sprinkled with the parsley.

Tip: It is best to use your favorite ham – then your dish tastes twice as good!

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