Cheese Fondue in Valais

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



* Heat white wine in saucepan, crush garlic clove and add. * Mix in nutmeg.

* Grate cheese and add to wine form, stirring throughout to melt cheese mixture.

* Let the cornflour melt in the kirsch and add to the cheese mixture to set. The cheese must be stirred heartily to avoid lumps.

* Carefully mix in whipped cream for refinement.

* Now transfer the finished fondue mixture into a caquelon, the typical cheese fondue pot, and season with black pepper.

* Cut white bread into small pieces.

* Dip the bread cubes into the cheese with a long fondue fork. Bon appétit! Tip: To finish the meal, you can add a glass of aniseed schnapps and an egg yolk to the last fifth of cheese in the fondue pot.

Add both to the melted cheese form and stir. This gives the fondue an exceptionally strong flavor. This variation comes from the Lower Valais, which is already very much marked by French influences.

Recipe variation: cheese fondue “Moitie-Moitie” (for two people):

This fondue consists only of two Fribourg cheeses, Gruyère and Vacherin. 200 grams of each are stirred into 0.2 liters of white wine.

Other fondue variations: * Tomato fondue: in the finished fondue, add steamed, peeled and then diced tomatoes (about 100 grams per person). Instead of bread cubes, this fondue is eaten with cooked, peeled potatoes.

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