Apricot Jam with Flaked Almonds and Amaretto

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Total time: 45 min



Immerse the apricots briefly in boiling water. Remove with a skimmer and place in cold water. Remove the skin from the fruit. Cut the apricots in half, remove the seeds and dice the pulp. Weigh out one kilo of pulp and place in a wide, shallow saucepan with the lime juice. Mix two tablespoons of sugar and the jelling powder and add to the fruit form. Allow everything to boil. Add the remaining sugar and let it bubble up again. Bubble for one minute according to the clock. Fill half of the jam to the brim in two clean screw-top jars and seal tightly on the spot.

To finish: mix almond flakes and almond liqueur into the remaining jam, bring to the boil briefly repeatedly and also fill to the brim into jars and seal tightly.

Tips: You can refine the second half of the jam with caramel: To do this, caramelize 50 grams of sugar in a stainless steel pan until golden brown. Add the caramel to the jam form and stir until dissolved. Fold well and fill into jars. Close tightly immediately.

Nutritional values: per 100 g in about 180 calories

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